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101 Ways to Meet Your Angels: Affirmations and Exercises to Connect with and Learn from Your Angelic Guardians
Karen Paolino Correia, Karen Paolino Correia
The Consumption of Magic
T.J. Klune
The Secret Guide to Getting What You Want in Life
Maggie Lawrie
All Good Things: The Omega Auction Chronicles: Book 13
Kian Rhodes
The Ugly Post - A love story
Sailor Penniman
Married. Wait! What?
Lia Davis, Virginia Nelson, Melissa Shirley, T.A. Moorman, Rebecca Royce, Ripley Proserpina, Amy Sumida, Cara Carnes, Carmen Falcone, Mae Hanley, Kim Carmichael, K. Williams
The Norton Anthology of Poetry
Mary Jo Salter, Margaret Ferguson, Jon Stallworthy
The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol 1: The Middle Ages through the Restoration & the Eighteenth Century
Stephen Greenblatt, M.H. Abrams, Stephen Greenblatt, M.H. Abrams
An Outline of English Literature (Lernmaterialien)
Gwyneth Roberts, G.C. Thornley
Dirty Mind
Roe Horvat