Through Dagus's Eyes

Through Dagus's Eyes - Charlie Richards Now I remember again why I had stopped reading this series.
The writing is awful. there are structures which are supposed to be sentences but make absolutely no sense, unfinished sentences and weird loose unrelated sentences at the end of a paragraph or page.
Then there are all kind of typos and serious grammatical errors.
To make things worst there are many really dump conversations and it seems the author has never ever interacted with a blind person or she would have known that after a few years of blindness there is no messy eating or or any problems in cutting food, be it stake or anything else. And no need to count steps and stairs in ones own flat/house ! Not to mention that Dragus was supposed to be blind from early childhood.
And finally there was nothing engaging, interesting , original or new. I'm not even sure if I could call this a story!