Accepting His Human

Accepting His Human - Charlie Richards half a star
this one has a lot of problems. The plot as well as its execution was very weak and faulty. No person in their right mind would ever react to the situations pictured the way Drake did. here are examples of the most illogical reactions:
1- What would a sane person do if the armed hijacker in his car passes out? Call the police? put as much distance between themselves and the armed person? Ask for help? and may be after that call emergency services? No of course not they would drive with the unconscious hijacker in the back of their car home to use the interne so they can do exactly as the hijacker has told them to do !!!
2- So a detective whose identity is not confirmed and has not even bothered to show his badge, accuses somebody's employer and suggests they leave their home for safety reason, again what would a normal person do? Call the police? continue going to work if the local police does not suggest other wise? No! they not only believe this stranger who might or might not be a real detective but also go with him to god knows where
3- Who on earth asks this question: Are you a bad cop? let me guess, people with a PhD degree because if the cop is corrupted he certainly says yes. right?
There are so many ridiculous situations and reactions in this book that listing them alone would take at least a whole day. I really wonder how on earth did this book get published?
Unfortunately I bought the whole series on an impulse, so I guess I continue with it , whilst commuting.