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Hexslayer - Jordan L. Hawk A really well written page turner. It's both entertaining and exciting and it ties many events from the previous books neatly together. There are references to each and every book in this series.
And even though this story is darker in comparison to the previous stories, its tone remains light and humorous. Seeing Nike's reactions toward his witch and their interaction was really fun and worth reading. I really wished I had enough time to read it in one go.

When Christmas Lights are Blue

When Christmas Lights are Blue - Harper Fox 3.5 stars
I really enjoyed this one, even though it was predictable. A very long time ago, I had read an almost identical GW fanatic. The only difference was the ending which made that fan fiction shorter and darker, a lot darker. Reading this story brought back those memories.


Hexbreaker - Jordan L. Hawk 3.5 stars
I didn't enjoy it as much as "The 13th hex", mostly because a good portion of the story was predictable and, from my point of view, there were some boring parts. That said, it still is better than many mm books out there.

A Christmas Hex: Winter Wonderland Collection

A Christmas Hex: Winter Wonderland Collection - Jordan L. Hawk Not Jordan L. Hawk's best work but far from her worst. This short story has some plot holes and could have been executed better but it still was easy and fun to read. Though I wonder how on earth do you recognize a wolf hair for what it is?


Well-Tailored - Silvia Violet, Greg Boudreaux A complete waste of time!
is there even a story here???
Marc and Darius fall in lust/(insta love though they wont say so) at the first sight. That's it.

Hexmaker (Hexworld Book 2)

Hexmaker (Hexworld Book 2) - Jordan L. Hawk Not bad but I had higher expectations from this author. The story was extremely predictable, the conflict resolution too simplistic and the sex felt forced and was actually disterbing the unity of the story.
It was fun and entertaining but not enough to have me finish the book in one go.

The 13th Hex: A Hexworld Short Story

The 13th Hex: A Hexworld Short Story - Jordan L. Hawk Short and entertaining. I read it as a part of "Charmed and Dangerous" anthology , hence being short was not a problem, however I noticed that it is also sold as a stand alone and found it, at least at this point of time, somewhat over priced. So you might want to check the price and Authors of "Charmed and Dangerous" and see which option is for you financially more beneficial.

Tempting His Mate

Tempting His Mate - Savannah Stuart, Jeffrey Kafer 1.5 stars for the audio version.
A typical shifter meets mate with one of the most stupid supposedly miseries ever written!
the whole story was on one scale or other stupid, illogical and poorly developed.

The Boy with the Painful Tattoo

The Boy with the Painful Tattoo - Josh Lanyon Not bad , though there was too much foreshadowing and too obvious clues, and I found J.X's personality in this book absolutely irritating. I guess I would have rated this book higher if not for the last chapter. I think Kit should have stood his ground in many things especially when it comes to J.X's annoying family and the disgusting way in which J.X is shoving them down kit's throat!!!

All She Wrote

All She Wrote - Josh Lanyon An overused and easy to guess plot, turned into a fast and fun read through clever execution, although I must confess that I enjoyed the conflict and dynamics between Christopher and J.x much more than the almost nonexistent mystery.

The Monet Murders: The Art of Murder Book 2

The Monet Murders: The Art of Murder Book 2 - Josh Lanyon Well written and entertaining, but there are similarity with Adrien English mysteries.

Somebody Killed His Editor

Somebody Killed His Editor - Josh Lanyon It was fun and entertaining but by far not as good as "Adrien English "or even the "Art of murder" series. There were many clues to guess who the culprit was but also a lot of red herrings. I found Holmes' character, though not his narration, somewhat unappealing , and this somehow lessened the enjoyment factor for me.

Where We Are

Where We Are - April Kelley Like always the core idea was interesting but the execution rather weak. Of course there were some relatively well written parts but so were some rather poorly written ones.
in this book Forest came over as needy, clingy, feminine, immature, illogical and even dumb and the potholes and weak conflict resolutions were rather annoying. On top of that it ends with a cliff hanger. Despite all this faults it still was mostly OK. In my opinion It is an OK read to kill time on public transport or in waiting rooms/areas.

Begin Again

Begin Again - April Kelley There are a lot of fillers, especially at the first quarter of the book and nothing is really resolved by the end of it. The interaction between various characters and most dialogs were unnatural, and Fane's charter felt fabricated, and very poorly on top of that, and absolutely unbelievable. The main story is another repetition of the same old pattern showing one of the fated mates' unwillingness to bound despite the mutual attraction.

Right Side Up

Right Side Up - April Kelley 1.5 stars
This one was riddled with typos and grammatical mistakes which turned reading into a chore.
To be fair the plot ideas weren't bad at all but the execution left a lot to be desired. The Author stubbornly writes about things she has no clue about. From mundane things like the normal reaction of somebody who is going to faint or the difference between a young teen and a young child to more complex issues like psychology and behaviorism.
Of course there are much worse books in this genre, but this is not an excuse to skip proof reading or running a short search to get the very basics right!
And the most frustrating thing is that this could have been a very good if not excellent book.

Leave It All

Leave It All - April Kelley It is what you expect from a standard, cliche "shifter finds mate" story. It had some hidden potential and could have been much better. The writing wasn't great but it wasn't bad in comparison to similar books either. It was easy to read as there weren't too many typos and grammatical mistakes. There were fun and entertaining parts but also parts with immensely stupid and immature dialogues and actions, massive plot holes, obvious flaw in logic and serious lack of artistic unity.

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